How embraces the whole world with an emotional network

Impressions of landscape that involve the desire for freedom and development in itself - that is the kind of work with which the Hamburg artist Angelika Kahl is representing in different parts of the earth. The Impressionist naturalism style of the artist, which is not least strongly influenced by its multi-year stay in Brazil and has still never lost the maritime basic orientation of Hamburg , is because even appropriate response , whether at exhibitions in Europe, in America or in Asia.

Especially in Asia, let the viewers of their works by the harmony and the artistic aesthetics of their compositions win . For example, standing on the Art Beijing , where her work has been shown already for the umpteenth time from the LDXArtodrome Gallery, whole groups of enthusiastic visitors from their works, they studied , could be supplied with further information with collectors toying with the idea , long term to integrate these artist in his collection . "It's been very interesting to observe ," said the gallery owner Christine Kunkler , " as the Chinese , capture quite similar to us Europeans of the generality and a certain immortality , as expressed in particular in the maritime work of Angelika Kahl and can be carried away . And this is true even if the artist often uses local motifs, which nevertheless are rather unusual for a Chinese viewer. But it is precisely these motifs are familiar through integration into the nature and the Chinese viewer subliminally again . Here it becomes clear how art can build bridges across continents away and documented similarities of people who are actually affected by completely different socio- cultural contexts. "

So is it possible to highlight the work of Angelika Kahl as an example how strongly gives the art a -understood by all people language on the basis of emotional commonalities across continents expression.

 Stephan Kunkler

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