Claude Monet declared, "Nature won't be summoned to order and won't be kept waiting. It must be caught, well caught." Contemporary artist Angelika Kahl is an extensive traveler, and through her oil on canvas paintings one is able to experience the stoic simplicity and delicate beauty of the natural landscape in places one may never have the opportunity to visit. Ms. Kahl appropriately chose oil to document her extensive explorations; her loose gestural strokes engender an ethereal quality to the composition, capturing the effervescent, fleeting reality of the landscape.
Ms. Kahl practiced art at an early age and was always drawn to her creative forces. After leaving her profession as a teacher, she pursued her passion for the arts fulltime. Her love for life extends from her canvases, and the artist explains, "Due to my own experiences and wonderful healing I love my life, my home and also the wonderful nature round the world. My first priority is to share these feelings with others. I want to show how beautiful our world is. I would like to share my energy and my thankfulness with everybody." Through luscious oil paints Ms. Kahl offers an endless array of subjects, from her magnificent architecture to the ever-changing moods of picturesque, gentle, lush countrysides. Her dazzling brushstrokes reveal the celestial majesty of nature which the ordinary viewer may overlook and evoke a mood of calm transcendence that comprise an ethereal and timeless oeuvre. Ms. Kahl emblazons iconic markers of distant locations and represents the many intriguing architectural sites indigenous to international cultures. Monumental lighthouses overseeing the undulating seas and stoic temples standing guard on calm waters' shores are a few landmarks highlighted by the artist's talented eye. Infinite locations become tangible dreamscapes through Ms. Kahl's beautiful paintings inspired by her travels around the world.
Award-winning artist Angelika Kahl works and resides in her hometown Hamburg, Germany. After studying mathematics and pedagogy in Germany, she briefly lived and worked in São Paulo, Brazil. She exhibits her artwork internationally in group and solo exhibitions throughout China, Germany, Bali, Indonesia and Denmark. Her artwork is treasured in many public and private collections worldwide, and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery is proud to showcase the artwork of this contemporary Master Artist.

Ruthie Tucker

Executive Director
Amsterdam Whitney
International Fine Art Inc.
511 West 25th Street Chelsea,
New York, NY 10001

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