Ausstellung vom 3. März / 4. April 2015

Exhibition 3rd March to 4th April 2015

The artwork displayed at the exhibition does not only reflect on Angelika Kahl's years in Brazil but also her present artistic vitae. Her pensive pictures reflect the life experience of this German artist who fell in love with Brazil and after her return to Germany retained her love for this country. Not only this close relation but also her eldest son, a child of our native country, became a part of her life. Today she lives and works in Hamburg.
Angelika's two worlds are expressed by landscapes, technically of excellent quality, which raise hope, pacify the psyche and open our senses for inner peace. Like windows normally kept closed and waiting to be re-opened, beautiful landscapes over-whelm our senses, the smell of nature seems to reach us through the frame. We feel the ocean breeze refreshing our faces and calming our thoughts. Reflections of air seemingly real turn out to be delusions. Her pictures are beautiful works of art with bluish shades and richly painted details which fascinate us.
However, the freedom of the artist cannot be measured in the details but in the spirit in which she embraces our country, with the tenderness of a mother embracing her son.


Alexandra Ungern-Sternberg

Ausstellung: Dois Mundos
Künstlerin: Angelika Kahl
Text: Alexandra Ungern-Sternberg
Clube Transatlântico - São Paulo 03/03/2015

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